Building Awareness for a New High School Global Opportunity in Illinois

The focus of this project is to continue the development of marketing and strategy for the IL Global Scholar (IGS) program in support of the team which oversees it. This is a state-approved project mostly supported by volunteer labor, so continuing to develop ideas for marketing and support materials is important.
An ICC team of ISU students worked on this project last academic year; this year’s team would build on their findings in key directions. IGS is a relatively new program so current awareness is limited. Here are two potential avenues for the team to work on as samples. First, one potential issue that was identified last year was how smaller school districts could become involved, so strategies and support are needed to develop this area. Second, how can materials be provided to help interested teachers “sell” this program to their administrators?


  • Marketing & International Business
  • Education
  • Social Media, Languages, Area studies
  • Global and Political issues
  • Oral and Communication skills

Client(s) name(s):

IL Global Scholar Program, an NGO started by high school teachers in IL who believe high school students could learn and make a difference by engaging in global issues.

Project Mentor

Dr. Barbara Ribbens (Associate Professor and Director of the Varner International Business Institute)

Final deliverable format:

A portfolio of materials focused to support the growth of IGS and promote the value of a global perspective and a report outlining strategies for growing the IGS program using these materials.