Effect of Climate Change on Agricultural in the Midwestern United States

Agriculture is the number one industry in the state of Illinois. Agriculture is also one of the most weather-dependent industries in the world. Global temperatures and temperatures in the Midwest are expected to warm further over coming decades as a result of the changing climate. Severe weather events such as flooding, high winds, hail, etc. are also expected to increase. This project will look at how climate change will affect agriculture, especially in the Midwest, and the agriculture product needs for farmers in the future. This project is for students interested in how climate change will affect agriculture, and how products can be created to help reduce the impact of climate change and help make farmers more resilient to climate change. Students interested in agriculture, climate change, environmental science, innovation, renewable energy, risk management and insurance, statistics, analytics and actuarial science, would find this project interesting.


Growmark. Bloomington, IL

Project Mentor

Jim Jones, Executive Director, Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management