Enhancing Diversity of those who View Wildlife

The goal of the project is to increase the diversity of those who view wildlife. Develop messaging to new younger diverse audiences (black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ) that already recreate in the outdoors to increase the viewing of wildlife (such as birdwatching). What messages resonate with these audiences? What are the most appropriate marketing/communication channels? The client has significant research that the student consulting team will review to help inform their messaging strategy.

Client(s) name(s):

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Wildlife Viewing and Nature Tourism Working Group.

Shelly Plante
Nature Tourism Manager
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department-HQ

Anne Glick
Wildlife Viewing Program Administrator
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Project Mentor

Amanda Lawler, ISU Alumna, and Marketing/Communications Professional.

Final deliverable format:

Strategic messaging plan for younger audiences of color to increase the viewing of wildlife. The strategy will include tactics and sample creative material.