Feasibility Study to Develop an IL Heroes Program Hosted at ISU

The team will produce a complete feasibility study on developing an IL Heroes Program that would honor individuals in the State of IL who have made substantial positive contributions to their communities. The idea is modeled off of the television special developed by CNN®.


Dr. Janet Paterson, Interim Director, ISU Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning. https://communityengagement.illinoisstate.edu/about/staff/

Project Mentor

Andrew Bordewick

Andrew, an ISU Alumns, has 13 years of experience in the financial services industry with work focused on marketing and product development. He has an MBA from Illinois State University and has consulted with primary and secondary schools on marketing, advancement, and development efforts. Other interests include playing music, running, and coaching junior high cross country.

Additional resources: Jim Jones, Director of the ISU Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services, who has run large events. Dr. Lance Lippert, School of COM, to explore communication resources useful to build awareness for such a program.

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Analytical mind-set & Research
  • Creativity & Curiosity
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Recruitment Status:


Final Deliverable

Program would be housed at ISU. The team would need to research what other similar programs exist in Illinois (and other states), meet with university stakeholders and assess institutional interest/readiness/risks, determine how ISU could brand it as its “own”, identify any intellectual property/trademark issues that may exist associated with CNN’s® program, identify potential sources of funding, develop a framework for selecting recipients, provide a draft plan to build awareness for the program to solicit nominations, and provide a detailed report on how event could be executed at ISU including the business model (how event could be funded/self-sufficient).