Technology Meets the Future of Urban Food Production

Project focuses on how ISU could purchase refurbished shipping containers to produce horticultural specialty crops using LED lighting technology. An example of how this can be done is outlined at
Team will identify inputs and costs to purchasing and operating this system, location of the unit, and expected benefits to the University and to the Community. The recommendations of this team will be shared with the ISU Sustainability fund for potential consideration for implementation at ISU! A follow-on project could focus on how specialty crops grown in this unit could be used to supply local central IL vending machines similar to Farmer’s Fridge in Chicago

Project Mentor

Dr. Dave Kopsell Horticulture Professor in the Agriculture Department
Outside Resource: Elisabeth Reed, Director of Sustainability at ISU.

Competencies needed by students involved

  • Interest in gardening
  • Urban Agriculture, Horticulture, and Food Production
  • Technology
  • Business, and Sustainability

Final Deliverable