Assessing and Mitigating Information Bias About Risks in Society

It is challenging enough to identify, assess and agree upon widescale risks such as pandemics, climate change and those related to emerging technology. However, the perception of risk can vary significantly from the actual risk, affecting how the risk can be managed. Risk perception can be influenced by the bias of the information presented, the nature of the risk, and by the deliberate spreading of false information. This project will examine risk perception through the lens of psychology, sociology, communication, and will recommend solutions for managing risk in an environment where risk is influenced by politics, culture, and media reporting. Your client, Verisk is especially interested in risk perception and mitigation as it applies to the risks of pandemics, climate change, and emerging technology (e.g. autonomous vehicles).

Students from all majors are welcome, especially students in psychology, sociology, communication, political science, marketing, behavioral economics, and risk management.



Project Mentor

Jim Jones

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Ability and willingness to explore existing research in various of psychology
  • An understanding of nuances in English language used to mislead people
  • An ability and willingness to learn how social media is used to disseminate misinformation
  • Good oral and written communication skills

Final Deliverable

A portfolio of materials that can be used to guide the product roadmap, development of proposals, and other strategic business activities.