Client Testimonials

Although our team of students ended up being only two students, they both were extremely committed and resourceful in addressing our project needs. In the end, the team produced an exceptionally advanced working prototype of an innovative device that allowed us to remotely reward the detection K9 for performing a series of behaviors. This device has very real potential to allow us to significantly advance how we train our dogs for their important jobs. We could not be more pleased with the outcomes and the process and are grateful for the opportunity to work with such outstanding students!

Joan M. Brehm, Sergeant
K9 Operations Team, McLean County Emergency Management Agency

We were very happy with the final deliverable for the LED project as well as the rain garden. Both were well done and the work was very much appreciated. While the rain garden project does not fit into our near-term plans, we now have solutions for the future as our plant and operations continue to evolve. The LED transition justification project was extremely helpful in our decision making. While we were sure there were savings in taking on this project, the Innovation Consulting Community Team gave us the facts to clearly direct decision making. Not only did we get the information we requested, we were provided with many additional alternatives that we did not consider, one we ended up choosing. The due diligence performed by the team proved we needed to move forward quickly as we were giving away significant dollars every day we waited. In what would have taken us many hours to complete internally, or significant cost externally, we were given a clear solution in what amounted to less than 4 hours of time commitment. I highly recommend other organizations give the Innovation Consulting Community the opportunity to add value to their operations.

– President of a Midsize Manufacturer

It was a wonderful opportunity for our organization to work with the students at ISU. They did not require much help beyond our initial correspondence and were able to assist us in reaching some of our more challenging millennial fans. The insights provided on our social media platforms were helpful for our internal discussions regarding team posts as well as sponsored posts.

The students not only provided our department with new and exciting ideas on how to target our millennial fan base, but also delivered concepts that were easy to act on. Two of which have already been implemented this season.

They were articulate and professional while conveying their ideas during the presentation at the stadium.

We look forward to working with ISU students again in the future.

– MLB Baseball Team Executive

It was a pleasure working with the ISU team comprised of Austin, Joseph, and Christoph.

They approached the task methodologically by first understanding the challenge, doing in-depth research and providing viable real-world solutions that can be implemented by my organization.

Regardless of the distance, they managed meetings and kept ongoing communications with my team and myself in Thailand. Habitat for Humanity Thailand and I are very appreciative of the efforts made and wish the team continued success in their future.

– Habitat for Humanity

The students did an excellent job and I am very impressed. This is by far the best student project I have received from any university. Reading the report and listening to their presentation made me proud to be an ISU graduate.
The ICC, your team and everyone at ISU did an excellent job with the students who took on my project. They are prepared for the workforce and will succeed.

Jeff Aasgaard, Japanese Guest Houses

– Joe Alread, ISU Alumn
Electronic Arts covering Madden Football and others