Building Awareness for a New High School Global Opportunity in Illinois

The focus of this project is to develop the marketing and social media site of the IL Global Scholar. This is a state-approved project mostly supported by volunteer labor, so helping create ideas for marketing and support materials is important. This is a new program so current awareness is limited. First, there must be marketing to school districts so they see what this can do for their students. Second, there must be marketing to help teachers see the value to be involved. Finally, there must be marketing to students so students commit to the program.


IL Global Scholar Program, an NGO started by high school teachers in IL who believed high school students could learn by engaging more in global issues.

Project Mentor

Dr. Barbara Ribbons (Associate Professor and Director of the International Business Institute)

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Marketing & International Business
  • Education
  • Social Media, Languages, Area studies
  • Global and Political issues
  • Oral and Communication skills

Final Deliverable

A portfolio of marketing materials focused on the 3 audiences which promote the value of a global perspective and a report outlining strategies for growing the IGS program using these materials.