Building Tech Capacity at Habitat for Humanity

Currently, we have a fairly basic access database that houses information on potential lots (parcels) that might be donated to our organization or are owned by our organization. There is a spreadsheet with a lot more information client would like to associate with the database. Need business analyst to help define the requirements for the revised system and then one or more Access developers who can code the solution defined by the users and the business analyst.

Project Mentor

Dr. Rishi Saripalle (Assistant Professor, School of Information Technology)

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Business Analysis
  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Software Design, Development, Testing and Deployment
  • Web Development
  • Communication Skills

Final Deliverable

Added functionality to access application built in-house with appropriate data added to the system from an existing spreadsheet. “How to” documentation of various functions available in the application.