Computer Science Infusion in K-5

Infuse coding/computer science concepts and opportunities into K-5 curriculum with likely K3-K5 focus.

Project Mentor

Dr. Tamra Davis (Associate Professor, Business Education)
Dr. Kathy Mountjoy (Associate Professor, Business Education)

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Understanding of state and other instructional requirements for elementary students
  • Research ability & Ability to summarize findings
  • Open mind, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and a motivational mind set

Final Deliverable

A report containing a survey / comprehensive list of all possible curriculum programs, instructional models and examples of systems that are able to achieve this into a day or other curriculum. Examples of programs used by other schools should be backed by some research to show if implemented with some degree of precision, that a particular program demonstrates student achievement gains. The Client uses in the K-12 environment the What Works Clearinghouse to determine the existence of data linking a particular program to student achievement gains.