Cyber Risk Analysis and Insurance

While advancements in technology are great for society as a whole, there is a lot that scares the insurance world. Since things change so rapidly, the cyber realm presents a unique set of challenges both for companies looking to protect themselves and insurers looking to help mitigate their risk. We would like students to analyze the risks of five industries (retail, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and financial) and provide some insight on which companies they would/would not insure in the respective spaces.  


Brett Werner-Powell

Project Mentor

James Jones ( Executive Director, Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services)

Dr. Kevin Ahlgrim, (Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Insurance and Law )

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Understanding of Cybersecurity and Risk assessment
  • Fundamental understanding of finance
  • Willingness to explore the unexplored
  • Good communication skills

Final Deliverable

Presentation and report – within this presentation, please provide an overview of the industries, the cyber risks of the industries, and provide recommendations on companies they would/would not write.