Economic, Risk and Insurance Implications of Prolonged Droughts in Southwestern United States Due to Climate Change

The Colorado River system supplies 40 million people in seven western states and Mexico, and irrigates more than 5 million acres of farmland on its way into Mexico and the Gulf of California. Las Vegas relies on the river for 90% of its water supply, Tucson for 82% and San Diego for around 66%. Large portions of the water used in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver also come from the river. But a water crisis is unfolding, and farmers, scientists, water managers and policy makers across the Southwest are increasingly alarmed at the dwindling water supply due to climate change. The purpose of this project is to assess key economic risks faced by businesses affected by this crisis. This project would be good for students interested in public policy, risk management, environmental science, geology, political science, civic engagement, and students interested in these areas. There will be both a qualitative and quantitative analysis required. The client would like to have one or two quantitatively oriented students to complete the team.


Verisk Analytics, is a global company with over 9000 employees. The project is being conducted under the auspices of the Emerging Risk team at Verisk. Client Contact. Kate Sanchez.

Project Mentor

Rena Strohmeier
Claims – Property at Wawanesa Insurance,