Electric Scooter/Bike Market Evaluation Plan

Understand current mobility needs (gaps) of students, faculty and staff at ISU, the target audience. Develop business model(s) to increase use of alternative modes of electric transportation offered through the Numi Scooters and Electric Bike product line. Identify, and develop any necessary solutions, for logistical considerations such as applicability of local laws, availability of charging locations, campus policies, parking, licensing, and storage.

Project Mentor

Dr. Peter Kaufman
Missy Nergard (Office of Sustainability) Email
President & Founder: Ron Glogovsky (ISU Alumn), NumiScooters

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Marketing, communication & messaging, policy & governance (review of regulations and how they impact product usage), and infrastructure knowledge (determination of available charging options, and determination of cost for additional options).

Final Deliverable

A marketing plan for Numi Scooters to implement on the university campus.