Employee Engagement

Energizing employees around this client’s brand is a key deliverable of this organization’s brand strategy. This is built from this client’s brand promise. By making this client’s customers more successful, this client becomes more successful. This begins with energizing this client’s employees around its brand and it’s linkage to the client’s customers’ success. The team will learn the client’s brand strategy, previous results, and metrics and generate a creative strategy and action plan.

Project Mentor

Dr. Nathan Hartman
Dr. Pete Smudde

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Willingness to generate fun & creative solutions that increase employee engagement, advocacy, energy and brand promise knowledge.
  • Problem solving ability
  • Open mind, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and a motivational mind set

Final Deliverable

Employee Advocacy plan. This is a two year strategic and tactical action plan designed to increase employee brand advocacy. Special focus on energizing events and organization brand promise education. Plan must be actionable and meet budgetary requirements.