Exploring Edutainment Possibilities for an Organic Farm in Indonesia

In an effort to raise support and increase community development, an organic farm has been started. Local classes come to learn about healthy food and sustainable farming practices but this has provided limited income so they are exploring whether they could make this bigger and provide longer-term experiences in sustainability and community development, perhaps even for students from the Western world. The client needs an outside perspective and research to help them identify role models and explore the pros and cons of offering internships or visits.


YUM, an NGO in Indonesia near Jakarta.

Project Mentor

Dr. Barbara Ribbons (Associate Professor and Director of the International Business Institute)

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Sustainability or International Business
  • Education
  • Social Media & Economic development
  • Political issues
  • Oral and Communication skills

Final Deliverable

A report that clearly lays out the options for expanding their edutainment beyond local schools with competing models to consider (and with examples of others) and pros and cons clearly laid out for each model.