Modernizing Waste Management: A Case Study of a Large Owner of Apartments in the Midwest

A large Midwest Apartment Owner for low-income families and seniors is seeking assessment and analysis of current residential solid waste management plans. This would include the collection, sorting, diversion, recycling, and disposal of all solid waste. Existing machinery and equipment along with means and methods would be examined to develop feasibility and justification for potential recommended innovative technology and/or best practice sustainability around the residential refuse program. Resident communication and engagement will be encouraged to promote awareness and behavioral change for increased collection of recyclable materials to stimulate and streamline efforts as needed.


  • Interest in Sustainability
  • Interest in Research
  • Creativity
  • Communications
  • Change Management

Client(s) name(s):

Senior manager at a very large owner of apartments in the Midwest.

Project Mentor

Val Ilyukhina. Val is an ISU alumna who enjoys using her analytical skill-set to help young people develop professionally. She has also completed two ICC projects.

Final deliverable format:

Research outlining current waste management plan for both the low income family and senior apartments for this client organization and recommendations on how to improve it including evaluation of current technology, processes, and effective resident communication campaigns. Plan will include relevant financial models that assess potential cost savings through use of modern technology and processes in addition to expected environmental gains. Plan will also include tactics and sample creative material for building awareness and interest to adopt a revised waste management plan in the apartment communities.