Pet Insurance Project

The following study represents a marketing research effort sponsored by the Katie Insurance School at Illinois State University based upon a request by Figo, a Chicago-based company specializing in pet insurance. The overall purposes of the project include (1) helping insurers better understand the decision-making processes of potential consumers and insurance company potential partners, by (2) working with the Katie Insurance School to generally support insurance practices and organizations consistent with their mission, and (3) involving a select team of student researchers for pedagogical purposes. The research activities were under the direction of Jim Jones, Director of the Katie Insurance School, and Steve Taylor, Professor of Marketing.

Project Mentors

Steve Taylor
Jim Jones


Ms. Kayla Jenkins, ISU Junior Marketing Student
Ms. Elyse Link, ISU Senior Marketing Student
Mr. Jarvis Sokolowich, Junior Marketing Student

Final Deliverable

Study summary:Project Summary & Findings