SmartGrid for Schools

In this project, students and staff from the Department of Technology, University High School, the Center for Renewable Energy, and the Center for Mathematics Science and Technology designed, built and modified hands-on, interactive exhibits that traveled to schools across Illinois to teach about electricity generation and the coming SmartGrid.

Project Mentor

Dr. David Loomis (Center for Renewable Energy)
Dr. William Hunter (Center for Mathematics Science and Technology)
Dr. Brad Christensen (Center for Mathematics Science and Technology)
Mr. Jeritt Williams (Center for Renewable Energy)

Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Construction – technical skills and safety awareness for construction processes and materials.
  • Curriculum Design – Modern curriculum guided by student needs and prior experience tailored to multiple age groups.
  • Teamwork – All team members must be responsible and take initiative for seeing the overall vision, and for making suggestions and improvements during the iterative development and construction process.

Final Deliverable

SmartGrid for Schools interactive exhibits and curriculum. Checkout: SmartGrid Schools Instagram