The Body Project: More Than Muscles Communication

Current research suggests that males struggle with negative body image at levels equal to their female counterparts. The emphasis on muscularity and the male physique promoted by culture and media poses a unique challenge for men. Student Counseling Services, in collaboration with Health Promotion and Wellness, is offering ISU men the opportunity to engage in the Body Project: More Than Muscles.  This new program is designed to help male college students develop and maintain a healthy body image.

Illinois State University is the first campus in the U.S. to pilot this new research-based program. The purpose of this project proposal is to develop marketing to increase interest and participation in the Body Project: More Than Muscles program at ISU. The primary objective of this project is the creation of a marketing video to be used on the program website as well as on social media platforms. The purpose of this video is to promote positive messaging about male body image, invite and encourage male student participation in the program, and provide information about how to be involved.


  • Communication skills and close collaboration are integral in ensuring the messaging and language in the final project are consistent with the aims of the program.
  • Marketing skills to guide dissemination of final product
  • Video production and editing skills to create a marketing video
  • Familiarity with video editing software (e.g., Adobe products)

Client(s) name(s):

Student Counseling Services, ISU. Dr. David Adams, Staff Psychologist.

Student Counseling Services has three main areas of focus: clinical services, programs, and training. The primary focus of SCS is providing care for the student body at Illinois State University. SCS works closely with campus partners, students, and colleagues at other institutions to engage in programming that engages in prevention of mental health concerns faced by students. The Body Project, which is a long-standing program offered at campuses across the country, is well-researched and has been found to play an integral role in preventing eating disturbances and eating disorders. The Body Project: More Than Muscles is a new program aimed at establishing similar prevention-focused outcomes for men.

Project Mentor

Dr. Suejung Han

Final deliverable format:

The goal of this project is a video for use in marketing this program. Video is integral in increasing participation, which will serve to enhance the research being conducted on this program that builds awareness about male body image issues.