UMLS Visualization

Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) is designed, developed and maintained with one primary goal – unify disparate medical terminologies, vocabularies and ontologies for uniform semantic interpretation. For the past two decades, UMLS has been employed in research projects ranging from biomedical natural language processing to electronic health records to correcting and validating UMLS itself. However, UMLS has not be employed and evaluated in a classroom setting and student learning environment. In this research article, we have developed multiple UMLS visualizations and presents a developing evaluation framework for its impact in classroom setting and student learning.

Project Mentor

Rishi Saripalle (Software Engineering)

Recruitment Status:


Competencies needed by faculty and students involved

  • Students: Ideally, the students would have strong programming skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Knowing D3.js is a huge advantage.
  • Faculty: Health Information Management or Health Sciences interested in medical semantic terminologies.

Final Deliverable

The website (to be hosted at that visualizes UMLS system using diverse visualization techniques. The report should also include the evaluation of the of the designed visualization.